Government ISCS Services

Public service is our passion! Navigating the complexities and the who’s who in government can be both a challenging and intimidating task for anyone. Allow us to leverage our years of working with local, state and federal government officials to help you meet your immediate government and international relations needs.

Engage Local, State and Federal public officials to support your Organization’s Goals and Objectives.


Lobbying is about more than knowing the right people. Our legislative campaign services consist of evaluating, monitoring, structuring, drafting and promoting legislative and Administration initiatives. Our experienced team of government relations practitioners analyze and interpret proposed legislation that may impact your organizations mission and objectives.

Create and Execute Grassroots Initiatives to Further Your Organization’s Impact and Influence.

Grassroots Campaigns

We use our experience in the organization of grassroots initiatives and coalition building to advance our clients’ interests. Our grassroots organizing campaigns maximize political influence by delivering valuable constituent support for client initiatives to decision-makers, often the difference between a winning and losing campaign. Whether the message must be delivered directly or through “free” media, we have been there before. Our staff can help you develop materials, craft your message, implement the logistics and maximize your clout.

Regulatory Issues

We have developed significant expertise in representing a wide spectrum of client interests on administrative and regulatory matters. We have strong working relationships with commissioners and department heads at many state agencies. Additionally, we works in collaboration with law firms whose practices frequently involve representing clients in many different public departments.