Non-Profit ISCS Services

Whether your non-profit is in the market for full-service management or specific services, Plus Ultra Strategies leverages shared resources across multiple association clients to increase means and capabilities, including executive management, membership, marketing, finance, etc.

Executive Management Services and Guidance for Associations and Non-Profits.

Association management services from Plus Ultra Strategies begin with assigning an Executive Director, who provides strategic leadership and day-to-day management for your organization.

For clients who prefer to work on a project basis, or do not need external staff representation, our senior managers oversee daily operations of specialized tasks and projects.

Our Services Include:

  • Executive-level Representation
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Operations Management

Financial Management and Consulting for Non-Profits.

Our professional team accounting team will provide your organization with cost-effective and secured financial services based on your current and future needs. We manage all aspects of association finances from business program planning and activation, to day-to-day accounting and dues processing.

Our team is committed to the success and financial sustainability of your organization. Our mutual objective is to ensure your Board of Directors understands the nuances of nonprofit accounting and financial management by understanding of the historical trends of your association’s finances, which are often a leading indicator of the future. By working in close collaboration with your Board and/or senior staff, we can provide observations and feedback to help establish initiatives and programs to ensure the ongoing financial sustainability of your organization.

Our Services Include:

  • Management of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Preparation of financial statements and annual budget
  • Coordination of annual tax returns and audits
  • Business program planning and activation
  • Dues Invoicing and processing (online renewals also available)

Enhance your Organization’s Visibility and Impact within your Community and Beyond.

Plus Ultra Strategies is ideally positioned to both promote your association’s mission and program objectives. We understand the challenges of many organization’s face in promoting themselves to a wider audience of potential members and supporters. Our professional communications team will help identify and recommend tactics to better connect you with membership, stakeholders, and, ultimately donors to support your overall efforts. Our team will work with help your organization to better formulate marketing strategies and drive campaigns, from comprehensive public relations programs to social media, e-newsletters, and other viable messaging platforms.

Our services Include:

  • Developing marketing and public relations strategy
  • Creating visual branding, including logo design
  • Managing ongoing media, blogger and industry analyst relations
  • Developing and distributing press releases throughout the year
  • Managing all aspects of event marketing, including promotion, on-site collateral and signage
  • Providing in-house editorial and design capabilities
  • Driving social media outreach through key social media vehicles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Coordinating development of white papers and webinars
  • Arranging relevant speaking opportunities and conference panel participation
  • Providing Search Engine Optimization to increase exposure

Implement and Execute your Organization’s Priority Programs and Initiatives.

Your organization is focused on your mission and key objectives to fulfill a vision. Plus Ultra Strategies is here to help with program and project management services that will free your staff to do what they do best, while at the same time expedite the execution of a key initiative. Our team will work on day-to-day oversight, marketing, advocacy, education and execution of your programs to ensure successful outcomes. By leveraging our experience, we can be as engaged as you will need us to be from straightforward as committee work administration or as complex as building testing and certification programs from the ground up.

Our Services Include:

  • Provide program management services to Boards, executive and member committees, working groups, task forces and other association groups
  • Drive standard-setting committees
  • Handle session scheduling, agenda development, notifications, attendance, quorum and action item tracking, minutes taking, ballot setting and voting administration and document management
  • Handling session scheduling, agenda development, notifications, attendance, quorum and action item tracking, minutes taking, ballot setting and voting administration and document management
  • Coordinating meeting and event logistics

Accomplish your Organization’s Goals and Objectives with Strategic Planning and Execution.

Plus Ultra Strategies is your strategic partner. We work with you to shape organizational strategy and drive long-term success. Together, we will work with you to ensure you are on the correct path to success by providing you with hands-on strategic planning and execution services.

Our Services Include:

  • Partnering with Boards of Directors to formulate long-term and short-term strategies
  • Facilitating and participating in strategic planning
  • Providing management consulting on best practices for governance, operations and legal compliance
  • Providing the focus and oversight needed for the organization to achieve its mission
  • Delivering single-point accountability for implementing organizational strategy, achieving objectives and executing policies
  • Providing program oversight to ensure that work is well executed against objectives
  • Big-picture monitoring and metrics for organizational performance and recommendations on modifications
  • Overseeing and coordinating Virtual team members across finance, program management, marketing, public relations, IT, events and human resources
  • Representing the organization to external stakeholders

We Work to Establish Policies and Procedures to Strengthen Board Oversight and Accountability.

Plus Ultra Strategies recognizes the need for appropriate and timely board and committee support. With our full-service professional association management services, your organization’s leaders are free to spend time on relevant issues while our staff is on hand to direct, assist and coordinate tasks such as planning and meeting logistics.

Our services Include:

  • Board Development and Training
  • Goal Setting
  • Project Planning
  • Leadership Recruitment
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Meeting and Conference Call Planning
  • Records and Archives Maintenance

Web Design, Development, and Internet Marketing for your non-profit.

For many associations, their website is the chief way that their members engage with the organization. As the primary touch-point for your members, your website’s functionality and user experience are critical, and our association technology management services can help.

We build and maintain public websites, secure membership and collaboration sites, online registration, web content management systems and mobile applications. We also give you the data to better understand your members, their activities, interactions and engagement.

Our services include:

  • Develop and maintain your public web presence
  • Implement and configure secure SaaS association management technology solutions for managing your organization’s membership and automating financial transactions
  • Provide secure collaboration systems for members and their committee work, including discussion forums, document management, balloting, shared calendars, action item tracking, management of group rosters and comment tracking
  • Perform contract and issue management with web hosting companies and solutions providers
  • Manage content updates for public and members’ websites
  • Provide web traffic data reports
  • Post and managing corporate documents
  • Manage online event registration systems to plan and monetize association events
  • Develop mobile applications to drive member engagement
  • Provide Search Engine Optimization to increase exposure